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Many roof leaks are the direct result of snow and ice build-up in gutters or along the roof’s edge. These ice dams create pressure on roofing material, lifting and damaging the seal. When the ice melts from rising heat or warming temperatures, the water has no path to the gutter or downspout – it is blocked by the icy buildup – and has nowhere to go but inside your house, where water damage can occur.

By installing Nexans cable on your roof and along gutters, you can solve this problem once and for all. You’ll be able to effectively drain away water from melted snow, and keep your gutters free from ice. And by using an automatic gutter ice melting control, the cable will operate only when you need it, minimizing operating costs. For information on a complete snow-ice melting systems for your roof and gutter, installed complete with controls, sensors, roof and gutter clips, and spout hangers,
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