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As one of the first domestic radiant heating system suppliers, Orbit Radiant Heating, manufactured by Nexans, specializes in high quality resident and commercial in floor heating, sidewalk heating and driveway heating and roof heating. It is our mission to provide the best solution for your snow melting needs. Orbit Radiant Heating has been a trusted option for heating systems in the state of Minnesota. We have 8 dealers/distributors in the Minnesota area and over 100 worldwide. Our knowledgeable service representatives can help answer your questions and make sure you get the right radiant in-floor heat product for your home or office. We can even help you customize any of our heating systems to meet your needs. In addition, our large inventory ensures quick delivery and we can even ship your products the next day after ordering. Choose an office near you to reach a local representative and learn how our 50 years of experience can help you create a floor heating system solution today.

Minnesota Heated Floors

Imagine waking up on a frigid winter morning and stepping barefoot onto warm floors in your bathroom, kitchen, or wherever you want heated flooring in your home. Nothing feels better than heated floors that are warm and toasty to the touch even during the coldest months of the year. In floor heating is a growing trend throughout the country, and thanks to radiant heating, in floor heating isn’t just luxurious – it’s also safe and affordable! Radiant heating doesn’t just provide warm floors – it even lets us provide you with heated driveways too! More info on Heated Floors

Minnesota Heated Driveways

Whether you live in an exceptionally cold part of the country, or simply want to make clearing your driveway easier and safer, radiant heating now allows you to minimize the burden of a snow and ice-filled driveway! Radiant heating lets people in cold-weather regions keep their driveway clear year-round! It’s the perfect driveway solution for those with permanent injuries/disabilities, senior citizens, and businesses that need to keep their driveways clear! More info on Heated Driveways

Minnesota Heated Sidewalks

The snow and ice that collects on your sidewalks can become rather intimidating when it comes to keeping them clear. And it’s your obligation to keep them snow and ice-free, preventing potential injuries to your family and pedestrians alike. Radiant heating helps melt the deepest of snow and the thickest of ice – so try our heated sidewalks and lighten your winter load! Think that’s innovative? You should see how radiant heating allows us to provide heated roofs – or warm floors! More info on Heated Sidewalks

Minnesota Heated Roofs

When the ice and snow build up along your gutters and on your roof, your roof can only stand so much. The large chunks of ice create pressure on your roof - and as the ice melts, the water from the melting ice can’t reach the downspouts and gutters. You’re left with a leaky ceiling – and that’s expensive to repair. Radiant heating in heated roofs and gutter de-icers creates a clear path to down-spouts, resulting in leaky free ceilings. Radiant heating just might save you money in the long run. Combine our heated sidewalks, heated driveways and heated flooring with your new heated roofs –  and you’ll be set for years and years of harsh winters! More info on Heated Roofs

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