Heated Driveways and Heated Sidewalks

Snow and ice removal from driveways, sidewalks, walkways, handicapped ramps, and patios around your house can be time consuming and even dangerous. Sometimes, ice removal can be an ongoing process; just hours after you finish the ice removal, you've got another hazardous layer of frozen ice or snow to remove in order to prevent your families or visitors from slipping and hurting themselves.

If this scenario sounds familiar, it's time to consider how Orbit Electric radiant heat can make your life easier and preserve the safety of those around you. Using our ice melting cables for your driveway or sidewalk is ideal for snow and ice melting on almost any ground surface, including concrete, asphalt, brick and pavers.

A heated driveway and heated sidewalk can help you save time in the morning before going to work and you never have to be concerned about slipping and falling when leaving your house. Sidewalk warming or driveway warming can also make your business more accessible for customers because you never have to worry about plowing your parking lot before your customers arrive at your office or store or piles or snow blocking any entrances.

Our Nexans TXLP electric floor heating cable is available for driveway heating in a variety of voltages ranging from 110V to 480V, as well as with a variety of controls such as thermostats, switches and sensors. In fact, the Nexans heating cable used in the Orbit radiant floor heating system is completely concealed. Radiant heat installation is easy - and it even comes with a 10-year warranty. Consider Orbit radiant heat in your new home construction or on your existing property -- and make life easier on you and safer for your family and never worry about snow or ice removal again.


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