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We Offer You the Thickest, Most Reliable Electric Radiant Heating Cables on the Market Today…

Radiant Heat should be a decision that you feel completely comfortable with… comfortable with the concept, comfortable with the radiant heating product that you choose… and, most of all, comfortable with the long-term results!

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Orbit has the best proven solution for your radiant heating needs - Nexans heating cables. Why Nexans? They are the thickest cable systems on the market today…and although everyone else says, “Thin is in” we say FAT IS WHERE IT’S AT. For over 80 years, Nexans has been making cables thick. The reason? IT WORKS and WORKS and WORKS. Nobody else has the reliability and durability of Nexans cable.

Nexans is the only radiant heating cable on the market today that has three layers of protection, making it exceptionally durable and completely waterproof. The same tough heating cables used for
snow and ice melting are also used for indoor radiant floor heating applications. Whether you are a builder, contractor or homeowner, the worries of damage during installation are virtually eliminated with Nexans cables. Thinner cables can fail due to unseen damage during installation -- failures that you won’t see until after startup operation -- and that means expensive, disruptive repairs.

The decision that you’re making should be for the long-term – so take advantage of our extremely competitive price, our many years of experience and our helpful sales and technical support. Take the time to compare products and learn why “thin may be in”, but not in radiant heating. NOBODY has thicker and more durable cables than NEXANS. Remember, in Electric Radiant Heat,

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